Our Business



We understand the need to respond to the climate crisis that the world is currently facing while balancing the energy requirements to grow our developing economy.

We further understand that the move to less carbon-emitting technologies must, as far as possible, not leave workers and communities in affected areas in a worse-off position.

Therefore, the balancing act required to manage these challenges has dictated our future strategy, which will focus on investments in diverse complementary sectors. 



We are proud of the role that we have played in helping our country meet its energy needs and look forward to playing an even more significant part in contributing to South Africa and the world’s future energy mix.

KGE GROUP expanded into international and domestic coal trading markets since 2017 in a bid to create synergies between coal and power businesses.

KGE GROUP AFRICA is a professional coal trading company incorporated as a subsidiary of KGE Procurement specializing in coal export, sales, blending, and re-export, and provides coal sourcing, coal blending, and coal supply services to cement companies and Coal Fire Power Plants.

The transformation has been at the centre of our journey, with B-BBEE ownership increasing to 100% and significant progress made on the employment equity front, with most current managers and executives coming from designated groups. Increased spending on local economic development (LED) initiatives, corporate social investment, and other empowerment initiatives have also been crucial in our recent history.